ERISA Disability


Written by AMLO.

UnumProvident Disability Claims Previously Denied

UnumProvident recently agreed to reconsider approximately 200,000 denied disability claims. You may get a long letter indicating that you can have your claim reassessed. This applies to claims denied or closed since January 1, 2000. They must also allow for reassessment, upon request, of claims similarly denied or closed between January 1, 1997 and December 31, 1999.

If you have made a claim under a long-term disability policy provided by or administered by:

  • Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company
  • First UnumProvident Corp.
  • Unum Life Insurance Company of America
  • Paul Revere Life Insurance Company or
  • Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company

and have had your claim denied, you may be eligible for substantial additional benefits.

If your statute of limitations had previously run out, you may now be eligible to file a complaint.

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