Legal Malpractice

Written by AMLO.

Everyone makes mistakes, even attorneys.  We are sometimes asked what can a person do when their attorney makes a mistake so critical that it costs them in losing their claim against another party.  In such a case, an attorney can be sued for legal malpractice.

Consider the case of a client that was blinded in his right eye by a high pressure hose at work. The nozzle on the high pressure handle broke, flinging the coupling towards his face and blinding him in one eye. He hired a local lawyer who missed the statute of limitations. A settlement was reached with the insurance carrier for the lawyer.

Mehr Fairbanks Trial Lawyers represented claimants in the following types of legal malpractice claims:

  1. Missed statute of limitation on a defective product.
  2. Missed statute of limitation in a medical malpractice case.
  3. Missed statute of limitations in an automobile case.
  4. Missed statute of limitation in a worker's compensation case (verdict rendered Laurel Circuit Court) in the amount of $51,549.95.