Written by AMLO.

Largest verdict in Estill County history.

Abney v. Hall

Estill County, KY (1997)

Abney, a lifelong resident of Estill County, was injured in a car wreck in 1994. An oncoming car driven by Steve Hall ran him off the road causing head and neck injuries. His medical expenses were only a few thousand dollars, and he was able to work a few weeks later. However, he continued to have headaches and neck pain. Mr. Abney had worked at Square D Company for nearly 30 years, was a farmer, and one of the finest and most honest men in the world.

MFTL Client wins $707,000 in largest verdict in Estill County history.

Nevertheless, Westfield Insurance Company, who insured both Mr. Hall and who provided "underinsurance coverage" to Mr. Abney, refused to pay anything over $7000.00 to Mr. Abney. Realizing the seriousness of his injuries, Mr. Abney hired Austin Mehr to represent him.

Suit was filed in Estill County and a three day jury trial took place in 1997. Immediately prior to trial, the insurance company, Westfield Insurance, raised their offer to $45,000.00. Abney and Mehr refused to accept anything less than the policy limits, which were over $200,000.00. The jury agreed with Austin Mehr and awarded the sum of $707,000.00. This was, and remains, the largest verdict in the history of Estill County.

Because Westfield Insurance Company had attempted to "lowball" Abney, Mr. Mehr filed a second lawsuit against Westfield Insurance Company for bad faith. This was later settled for a confidential amount. As part of the settlement, Westfield Insurance Company agreed to publish in its monthly newsletter an article on bad faith written by Mr. Mehr. The article did appear in Westfield's newsletter and it is hoped that it will prevent future lowballing of injured policyholders.