Written by AMLO.

Mehr Fairbanks Trial Lawyers win $290,000 verdict for bad faith against Hamilton Mutual

Buttery v. Hamilton Mutual Ins. Co.

Terry Buttery insured his home with Hamilton Mutual Insurance Company. In 1998, while Mr. Buttery was at work, someone vandalized his home, stealing a lot of his possessions.

Hamilton Mutual refused to pay the insurance claim. They made him sign three (3) separate proof of loss forms, each time denying the claim for a different reason. His local counsel, Randy Jewell, sued Hamilton Mutual and obtained a judgment on the contract, for approximately $57,000.00. Hamilton Mutual appealed and lost. Hamilton Mutual then filed a Motion for Discretionary Review at the Supreme Court and lost again.

Mehr Fairbanks Trial Lawyers co-counseled with Attorney Randy Jewell on the subsequent bad faith case against Hamilton Mutual Insurance Company. After a five (5) day trail the jury awarded $251,000.00 and the Court subsequently awarded additional interest and attorneys fees bringing the total judgment to $290,000.00.