Written by AMLO.

Insurance company wrongfully refuses to pay for client`s roof that was damaged by storm.

Client v. State Auto

Kentucky (2008)

MFTL helps client get a new roof and recovers client`s attorney`s fees and interest.

In September 2008, a client of Mehr Fairbanks Trial Lawyers (`MFTL`) had incurred wind damage to his roof from remnants of Hurricane Ike.  Although the client filed a claim with State Auto – his own insurance company – State Auto refused to replace the entire roof.  After nearly six months of delay with his own insurance company, the client finally contacted MFTL for legal representation regarding this matter.  MFTL argued that Kentucky Regulations regarding said losses state, `If the loss requires replacement of items and the replacement items do not reasonable match in quality, color, or size, the insurer shall replace all items in the area so as to conform to a reasonably-uniform appearance.  This applies to interior and exterior losses.  Insured’s shall not bear any costs over the applicable deductible.`  Within months, MFTL was able to obtain a settlement that not only paid to replace the client’s entire roof, but also paid the client’s attorney’s fees, interest, and costs.