Written by AMLO.

We win for Lexington, Kentucky account manager

Government Account Manager v. Employer

Kentucky (2009)

B had worked as a government account manager for a Connecticut based company.  She had been employed at the company for 23 years when she developed anxiety and related mental health issues.  Her employer (who was self insured) denied her disability claim based upon flawed doctors’ opinions and a vocational assessment (this assessment relied on the two flawed doctors’ opinions).

Mehr Fairbanks Trial Lawyers began investigating this disability claim.  Our investigation revealed errors in the company’s case.  MFTL obtained records from treating doctors and a therapist, and obtained an independent evaluation.  Mehr Disability Law Group provided this information to the employer, along with comparison charts of job duties, and a point by point rebuttal of the flawed opinions used by the employer.

The employer then relented and paid the back benefits (over $60,000) and is continuing to pay B’s claim.